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The distance training center has been founded for training and skills assessment of the Engineer Installers of company’s telephone stations.


The system of testing and shop-staff’s knowledge assessment has been founded here. Its workplaces are located in all Russian retail chains.

Automobile holding company “ATLANT- M”

eLearning Server allows  to conduct the qualification courses for staff in different countries. Special trainings and working emulations perform the courses more illustrative. The system is combined with document storage and management system, which contains position descriptions, regulations, technical documents concerning production and service.

JSC Alliance Bank

During the implementation, the interactive multi-media educational content has been created for knowledge and skill assessment of bank’s employees. The tests for assessment contain different kinds of tasks: logical and situational puzzles, interactive exercises.

The training center of Naval Forces of the Russian Federation

As part of the training of the Naval Forces’ crews ordered by FSUE “SPMDB” “MALACHITE” the distance learning and its support has been realized, including lectures, self-training, practical lessons, exercises, test lessons. The project is considered to be the best one of eLearning implementation in 2006 and it got the prize of Russian eLearning Awards.

The administration of Leningrad region

The creation of distance training center has allowed the implementing of unified controlling system of public officers’ competence, computerizing the testing, conducting the training and providing quick development of staff.

Saint Petersburg State University of Economics and Finances

The distance training center is used for organization of test-lessons and electronic sessions. Because of computerizing, time spent on examinations has cut down by an order and the knowledge assessment has become more objective.

Vinnitsa National Technical University (Ukraine)

eLearning Server is used as a basis for getting higher education by distance learning system. The main feature is using distance online laboratory works and practical works, performed on a virtual demonstration stands.
"The distance training center has been founded for training and skills assessment of the Engineer Installers of company’s telephone stations...."

Presentation of new generation LMS - eLearning Server 4G will be held on the 20th of September

International Cooperation: HyperMethod IBS and SkillSoft

International Center is on the way to eLearning Server 4G

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