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eLearning Server

eLearning Server



eLearning Server is a unique platform, used in more than 300 institutions, enterprises and public authorities in Russia and other countries.

The field of use

  • organization of electronic and distance learning
  • creation of corporative training centers
  • creation of staff assessment systems
  • management of electronic full-time and mixed learning
  • testing of different skills and knowledge
  • practicing and development of skills and knowledge

The key functions

  • training courses and educational programs creation;
  • registration of auditors and instructors, controlling their personnel files;
  • publication of different kinds of exercises , tests, and educational materials ;
  • accounting of training results in electronic log and personnel file;
  • creation and controlling the timetable synchronized between the participants of learning process;
  • management of the library of educational materials (with support of LOM, RUSLOM, and
  • digital educational resources specification);
  • monitoring and collecting of learning process statistics;
  • analyzing of learning activity results and preparation of different kinds of accountings;
  • automated assessment of training results;
  • integration with Active Directories, Navision, 1C, Lotus, SAP;
  • data storage synchronization of distance learning system and external plugged sources of data (for ex. Personnel DB);
  • supporting of communication: forums, graphic chats, virtual classes, video-broadcasts;
  • integration with payment systems, trainee’s domestic account;
  • supporting not only online, but also offline training(case-training);
  • others necessary administrator’s and user’s services and abilities.


  • functionally-expansible system, presented in open source;
  • it adapts easily to the customer's requirements because of modular architecture, setup software and integration;
  • constituents suits form three standard packing up the set: for educational institutions, for training centers, and for companies and enterprises;
  • the possibility of forming roles, allowing to classify each user’s functions flexible;
  • built-in methodologies of adaptable training;
  • methodologies of adaptable testing: adaptive stress testing, adaptive dynamic testing, adaptive statistical testing;
  • the possibility of holding different kinds of polls;
  • supporting SCORM, AICC, IMS, LOM, digital educational resources;
  • imbedded features of knowledge and skills practice;
  • ergonomic, up-to-date user’s interface.

The versions of delivery

eLearning Server is presented by different variants, focused on the work- specificity of different types of institutions.

For companies and corporations

Corporative version includes the following possibilities:

  • creation of (synchronization with Active Directories, SAP, 1C, Navision, Lotus) the organization’s structure with card description of positions and job requirements;
  • creation of organization departments, levels of employee’s subordinacy in organizational units;
  • allocation of rights and authorities between different organization departments and their members;
  • training support on the basis of “ the model of competences”;
  • guiding the staff assessment, assessments and polls of “360 degrees”.

For educational institution

The Version is suitable for organization the distance learning at the institutions of higher education and it supports the following functions:

  • creation of the plans of specialties and directions (according to the requirements of educational institutions);
  • creation of the study groups and timetables;
  • moving, enrolment, disenrolling, controlling the payment for training;
  • creation the organized structure of educational institution (faculties, departments of instruction, subdivisions, courses etc.);
  • supporting the credit system(credit learning- according to “Bologna agreement”).

For the training centers

The version for the training centers includes the following possibilities:

  • monitoring and controlling of collective resources (classroom bank, equipment etc.);
  • centralized creation of timetable according to classrooms occupancy;
  • calculation of Instructors’ workload taking into account different kinds of lessons;
  • training cost accounting.
Presentation of new generation LMS - eLearning Server 4G will be held on the 20th of September

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